Foundation Certificate in Sinology Frequently Asked Questions

About the Course 課程相關

1 What is Sinology? 什麼是漢學?
The Chinese civilization is believed to have begun about 6000BC. The Chinese language is the oldest written language in the world with at least 6,000 years of history. (https://ethnomed.org/resource/chinese-language/). Sinology or Chinese Studies, is the study of Chinese language and literature, history, customs and culture, philosophy, etc. The Chinese culture has been largely shaped by values such as harmony, fortune, and community. Such values have persevered through the ages and have remained relevant if not more so in the 21st century and beyond.
Sinology courses focus on the study of China’s history, philosophy, religions, film and literature, exploring how China has historically evolved to become the country it is today.
2 What is the relationship between Malaysian Academy of Han Studies (MAHS) and the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David (UWTSD)?
This is an online programme by the University of Wales TSD. MAHS provides additional support for on-site tutorials. Therefore it is a collaboration effort to facilitate the learning process.
3 What do I study in this course? 我在這個課程裡能學習到什麼?
There are 5 Modules: 有5個單元:
  1. Classical Chinese 古漢語文言文
  2. An Introduction to Classical Chinese Literature 古典文學簡介
  3. Introduction to the Four Books 四書簡介
  4. Ancient Chinese Morality and Ethical Living 古道生活
  5. Ancient Chinese Morality: Ethical Business and Enterprise 道德企業
4 What is the course duration? 課程為期多久?
Ten months (about 2 months per module). The yearly break is July/August to conduct the graduation ceremony.
Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Classical Chinese
An Introduction to the Four Books
An Introduction to Classical Chinese Literature
Module 4 Module 5 Module 6
Ancient Chinese Morality and Ethical Living
Ancient Chinese Morality: Ethical Business and Enterprise
5 Who are the lecturers? 講師都有誰?
The lecturers are commissioned by University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD)
Module 模組 Lecturer 講師
Classical Chinese 古漢語文言文 康世統老師
An Introduction to the Four Books 《四書》簡介 謝嘉峰老師
An Introduction to Classical Chinese Literature《國學治要》簡介 陳愫汎老師
Ancient Chinese Morality and Ethical Living 古道生活 吳念博博士
Ancient Chinese Morality: Ethical Business and Enterprise 道德企業 吳念博博士
6 What is the medium of instruction? 教學時會使用哪種語言?
Currently all teaching materials are in Mandarin. Assignments are also completed in Mandarin. However there will be a small section where students will be assessed in English. (Please refer to the Assessment section for details.) This is an added value to enhance the qualification. The role of language in the internationalization of higher education is very important for universal acceptance.
7 When do we have the graduation ceremony? 畢業典禮會在何時舉行?
Students have the option to attend the graduation ceremony held by the university. There is no graduation ceremony for students who want to continue studying for the Bachelor’s degree.
學生可自行選擇參加與否; 但有意願升學本科的學生沒有畢業典禮。
8 Is this qualification recognised? Who awards this certificate? 這是個受公認的文憑嗎?證書由誰頒發?
The certificate is awarded by University of Wales, Trinity St David’s, United Kingdom. The UWTSD will send out the hard copy of the certificates and transcripts directly to the students. There will be no electronic copy of the certificate. Where graduation ceremonies are not held in the university, Malaysian Academy of Hans will organise a Certificate Award ceremony.
9 What is the method of delivery? How is the course taught? 課程以何形式教學?
This is an online programme. Students who register with Malaysian Academy of Han Studies has an additional option of attending our scheduled online lessons on-site (in campus) and study as a group. In addition, we have two dedicated resident tutors to provide on-site guidance.
10 If I choose to study in-campus/on-site, how much do I budget for food and lodging? 如果我選擇在校內/現場學習,需要為伙食與住宿預算多少費用?
For registration in 2020/2021, we provide free accommodation and meals if you stay in campus. If you wish to stay in the vicinity and commute to campus, you should allow for RM300 minimum per month for lodging. All three meals are provided free in our campus. However, if you wish to eat out, you need a budget of RM500 per month. Don’t forget your travelling expenses.
11 What type of food do you serve? 漢學院會提供什麼類型的伙食?
We serve vegetarian food. This caters to most local and international students.
12 Can I study both on-line and in-campus according to my availability? 我可以根據自己的空閒時間同時學習在線和校園課程嗎?
Each request will be considered and a response will be given.
13 Do you accept international students to study this course? 此課程接受國際學生嗎?
Yes. All international students are welcome to register with us to study on-line or stay in our campus (subject to student pass approval by Malaysian Immigration).
14 Can I join the course halfway? 我能在中途加入此課程嗎?
You may join at the beginning of a module. However, you have to pay for the total fee.
15 How much time am I given to complete this course? 我有多少時間完成本課程?
a) I’m working so I cannot complete all the subjects in the given time.
b) I have to re-sit for some modules.
1. 我有工作在身,所以無法在限定時間內學習所有科目。
You have three (3) years to complete the programme. Any other extensions should be requested in writing to be considered by the board.

Entry Requirements 入學資格

1 What are the entry requirements? 入學要求是什麼?
• A certificate in SPM, STPM, UEC
• Other equivalent or higher qualifications
• Working adults /mature students, 3 years working experience
• All applicants must have a middle school or higher diploma, or an equivalent qualification from an approved degree awarding body of his/her country.
• SPM, STPM, 和UEC任一畢業證書
• 其他相等/更高的學位
• 已就業的成年人/成熟的學生,有至少3年的工作經驗
• 所有申請者都需具備中學畢業證書,或其國家授予的相等文憑。In addition you will need IELTS 5.0: minimum band of 4.5 in reading, speaking, listening, and a minimum of 5 in writing.
2 Where can I get the IELTS qualification? 在哪裡可獲得雅思考試資格?
There are various study and test centres for IELTS in Malaysia, including Melaka. We provide free IELTS preparatory course for people who sign up for our FCS. Assessment and counselling is provided before students decide to go ahead with the test.
3 Do you accept students from other countries? 你們接受來自其他國家的學生嗎?
The students could come from any country. 接受。

Registration and Payment 報名與費用

1 How do I register for this course? 我要如何報名參加此課程?
Please click on this link (weblink ) to register on our website where you will find more information.
Registration process:
Step (1) : Express interest by registering on MAHANS website and attach the following document:
i. A Certified Copy of I/C (For Malaysian) or Passport (For International Applicant)
ii. Certified copies of Original qualification certificates / transcripts
(Certified Copy is a photocopy signed by a solicitor/lawyer/notary to confirm that it is an authentic copy).Step (2): Interview will be arranged and only successful candidates recommended by MAHANS to attend FCS.Step (3): MAHANS will assist applicant on UWTSD online application.點擊此處(鏈接)在本院官方網站報名,並獲取更多資訊。
一、 在漢學院官方網站報名並附上以下文件:
i. 身份證(本地學生)/護照(國際學生)副本
ii. 畢業證書副本
2 What is the deadline for registration? 截止日期是什麼時候?
There are two intakes: September and February. The deadline is one month before the intake date. We need to give time to UWTSD to process.
3 If I choose to study in-campus, how much do I budget for food and lodging? 如果我選擇在校內/現場學習,需要為伙食與住宿預算多少費用?
For registration in 2020/2021, we provide free accommodation and meals if you live in campus. If you wish to stay in the vicinity and commute to campus, you should allow for RM300 minimum per month for lodging. All three meals are provided free in our campus. However, if you wish to eat out, you need a budget of RM500 per month. Don’t forget your travelling expenses.
如果您住在校園,我們將提供免費住宿和三餐;如果您希望在附近租房並通勤到校園,則每月應至少支付RM300的住宿費,但伙食仍由本院免費提供;如果您想外出就餐,那麼包含交通費在內每月需要大約RM500的預算。(Please refer to comment – About Course No: 9) (請參照“課程相關”第9條)
4 What is the total course fee for the Foundation Certificate of Sinology? 學費多少?
The fee is £1960 payable to UK. Depending on the exchange rate this is around RM10,000 – RM11,000
5 How do I make the payment? 我該如何匯款?
When you receive your confirmation by email from UWTSD, you will be given instructions on remitting the money direct to their account.
6 When will I know the results of my application? 我何時能收到報名結果通知?
You will be notified around 2 weeks after submission of the application.

Course Assessment 課程評估

1 When is the exam/assessment? 何時考試/測評?
Assessment is conducted after every module. Click here …… for details.
2 What is the assessment format for this course? 測評以什麼格式進行?
Assessment format: written assignment and oral presentation.
3 If I fail in any of the assessment, what is the re-sit process? 如果我測評不及格,重考的程序是什麼?
Students will receive email regarding resits and should follow the given instructions.

Post-programme 結業後

1 What is the future pathway for students upon graduating the Foundation Certificate in Sinology? 漢學預科畢業生的未來出路是什麼?
You are eligible to continue to study a Bachelor of Art (BA) degree with the UWTSD.We are currently working on the administration and procedure to include other local and international universities for the furtherance of this education.After that you may advance to the Master of Arts in Chinese Studies您可以選擇在威爾士大學繼續深造。
2 What are my career prospects whether I continue or discontinue in the area of Chinese Studies? 我的職業前景如何?
People with academics in Chinese Studies have a career in communication, business and many other fields. They are also popular as consultants for fundraising, film, and media, race relations, community and social work. They can find employment in museums, tourism, and publishing. Overall, they can be a teacher to propagate Chinese Studies.